General Questions


Why should I choose Luminous Needs?

Our mission is to provide high-quality luminous products, that are safe, reliable, & amazing to look at. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

With over 150k TikTok followers (@luminousneeds),  it's safe to say the verdict is in, the internet LOVES our luminous products. And we're just getting started! Check out socials for yourself, the numbers don't lie.

Is there a manual for the Luminous Mask?

Yes, to learn more just click here


Why is my Luminous Mask not turning on?

If you ever have this issue make sure to leave your mask charging until you see the charging icon. If you still do not see the charging icon click the button on top of the mask once, while the mask is charging. Once you see the icon hold the button down to turn on the mask.

Why is my mask not charging?

If you are having trouble charging the mask please make sure to use the original charging cable that comes in the package, and use 5v2a wall charger. Doing so should eliminate any issue with charging problems.

Why is the charging icon not showing?

If this occurs make sure the product is on charger. If the battery indicator does not show hold the power button down for 1-2 secs(Make sure not to hold the button long enough where the entire mask turns on).


What's the difference between the Luminous Mask & V2

The original Luminous Mask provides the user with various features ranging from sound activation, preset selection, DIY, and customizable text that is all controlled through the app.

While the Luminous Mask V2 is a much simpler design that covers your entire face with LEDs and gives the user the ability to choose between 50 pre-installed luminous designs.  

Is the LED mask safe to wear?

Yes, our masks have been certified and tested numerous times to be safe for use. 

Can you wear glasses with the mask?

Yes, the mask is adjustable so you can wear glasses with the mask however, it may vary depending on the size of your glasses frames.